So you’re ready to sell your home. Maybe you’re just thinking about remodeling now and want to keep in mind what’s best for the future value of your home.

Don’t know where to start? OHI Design is here for you!

Let’s talk about one of the top ten rooms to remodel to give you the best return on your investment!

I love when I talk to a client and they tell me they want something that they can enjoy but also something that will add value to their home. When this is what you have in mind it’s always best to talk to a sales designer. Not only will they know the trends but they will also know what keeps coming in and out of style and what they can do to make sure your remodel is a classic design that can stand the test of time.

The average kitchen remodel will get you almost 100 percent returns on investment when it comes to selling your home! Think your kitchen or bathroom is too small or outdated for a remodel to even matter? Well, according to research you would be wrong!

Marketers say that you should budget 10 to 15 percent of your home’s value on remodeling your kitchen. A complete kitchen remodel in a midrange home averages $43,862 and returns $39,920 at resale according to That definitely doesn’t mean you have to spend that much on your kitchen! Don’t just assume you can’t afford it before you even really look into it. The best way to get a realistic idea of cost is to sit down and make a list of the things you definitely want to change. Go into your kitchen and look around… if you have an issue with the lack of cabinet space or the avocado green cabinets from 1974, then the new owner is probably going to have an issue with it too! Next step is to call in a professional to get a real idea of what things will cost.

The best thing about OHI Design is that we will come in to your home and talk about what you want to do and give you an estimate for FREE! We will go over your budget with you and tell you what we can do that is within your price range. Sometimes it comes down to just choosing a less expensive backsplash tile or not having as many cabinet inserts to knock a substantial amount off of your bottom line. Even if you are doing a full remodel, spend more on the things that are on top of your list and less on things that aren’t as important.

We also know what to do to make sure your remodel goes as smoothly as possible and causes you the least amount of stress possible. Our sales designers will be with you through the entire process, to help guide you in the direction that is not only what you want but what they know will be best for you in the years to come! Our project manager will be there to make sure things are running without a hitch on your job and also ensure that everything is being done according to code. There’s nothing worse than doing it yourself or hiring an unlicensed contractor and then having to spend most your budget on fines!

So before you try to DIY which may end up costing you more money in the long run (see previous blog post) or just assume that you can afford it; CALL US! We are here to work with your budget and get you the best bang for your buck!

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