Don’t know what your style is? Don’t have clear ideas on what you want? That’s okay! As design professionals we are here to help. I always go into a person’s space with an open mind. I talk to the client about their main priorities. Sometimes they just want an update and sometimes there is a specific need or issue that needs to be addressed. Whatever it is, it is always smart to call in a professional.

One common issue that arises among homeowners is the need of more space. While it is always an option to change a floorplan, it isn’t always in the homeowners best interest or budget. Consulting with a designer will open your eyes to all of the possibilities to make your space more accessible, organized and space conscious.

There are so many ways to play with cabinet inserts, paint colors, flooring materials and general layout to make your space feel more…..spacious.

Small spaces are all about editing. The more patterns and colors you have in a room, the more cluttered it will feel. For example; when a client wants to make a kitchen or bathroom space seem more open, I always opt for a cabinet color that is light and to add some “whimsy” you can play with the pulls and knobs in the space.

Light immediately makes a small room feel bigger. Having a window in a room is always ideal, but if that’s not in the cards or the wallet…. Adding recessed lighting, pendant, flush mount, etc. all makes your space more inviting and open.

Guest Bathroom

Painting your walls in a light color works the same way as using light cabinets. If that is just too “boring” for you, add an accent wall of wall paper or darker colored paint. You can also look at tile in different shapes or textures.

Another thing that can significantly add to the look of your room is having one continuous floor material throughout the spaces, allowing your eye to continue. This is also true on your walls. Vertical lines will draw the attention up which is ideal in a shorter space to make it feel taller. Using wide horizontal lines will make the eye continue horizontally, which gives the illusion of a more significant space.

The bottom line is you need to be strict with yourself and intentional about everything that goes into the room. At OHI Design we specialize in customer service and helping the customer receive everything they need and want to make the space the most efficient for them. Call us today to talk about your needs and we will set you up with one of our designers for a FREE at home estimate.

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